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UK 2010

Environmental Screening of DFID funded programmes:

Support to UNHCR Joint Institutional Strategy 2010-2013 ($19M)

Uganda Accountability Programme (£25M)

DFID Mine Action Strategy: sSupport to UN Mine Action Team (UNMAT) (£6M)

Ghana 2010

Field based training in environmental monitoring provided to Ghanaian staff as part of a two month environmental /ecological assessment of deltamethrin used to control Glossina spp in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The impact of aerial spraying (SAT) on aquatic and terrestrial fauna in the Black Volta river corridor was assessed and reported.   Client: Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana -AfDB.funded.

Ethiopia 2010

Environmental Risk Assessment and feasibility study of aerial drift spraying for the suppression and eradication of tsetse from 25,000 km2 of the southern Rift Valley in Ethiopia.  The potential use of a deltamethrin-based Sequential Aerosol Technique (SAT) was the subject of the ERA while the feasibility study concerned its suitability in rough terrain and dense vegetation. Parts of Nechisar National Park, the Weito Plain, Konso-Segen, and the valley floor surrounding L. Abaya and L. Chamo had SAT potential. Advice was provided on the process and commissioning of an EIA. Client: African Union Commission

UK 2010

Environmental Appraisals and Environmental Screening Notes prepared for DFID:

Deepening democracy in Zambia (DFID)

Strategic support for United Nations Mine Action Team (DFID and UNMAT) £8M

Technical Assistance for Growth and Governance in the Mineral Sector – Democratic Republic of Congo (US$96M)World Bank  PROMINES

       Client: Dew Point

Kenya 2009

Environmental Risk Assessment of the Sequential Aerosol Technique (SAT) used for the creation of tsetse and trypanosomiasis free areas in East and West Africa. A chemical and environmental profile of deltamethrin, and an assessment of SAT drift sprays on wildlife in the Meru Conservation Area and mixed farming systems in districts of Western Province, Kenya.   Feasibility, mitigation and management options for the interventions are also proposed to assist with the preparation of an EIA Report.  Client: African Union Commission

UK 2009

Environmental Appraisals and Environmental Screening Notes prepared for DFID funded projects:

Review and revision of environmental appraisal of Nigeria Sanitation Project (SHAWN)

Support for Zambian Social Protection Extension Programme

Support for i) Policy Development Facility ii) Deepening Democracy iii) Justice for All and

iv) Monitoring and evaluation of State level Programmes: all Nigeria

Statistical support for Sierra Leone

Poverty Reduction Support Programmes Rwanda

Client: NRInternational/Harewelle

Uganda 2009

Environmental Risk Assessment:  Deltamethrin use in the sequential aerosol technique for the eradication of tsetse and trypanosomiasis in the L. Victoria crescent, Uganda.  Collection of baseline information and the analysis of the likely impacts of deltamethrin sprayed over wetlands, lakes and homestead areas of southern and SE Uganda.  Consultations with key stakeholders  including NEMA, and  guidance for Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries on the preparation of EIA. Client:  African Union Commission

Ghana 2009

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