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Development of environmental guidelines for and provision of technical assistance to two African NGOs (ISD,Ethiopia; AGENDA,Tanzania) to help deliver risk assessments of pesticide use in rural areas.  Rapid Risk Assessment guidelines and mapping tool produced for NGOs needing to increase their capacity in pesticide safety and ecological monitoring  Client: PAN-UK

UK 2007

Research for and production of  (co-author) a 122 page manual to assist ACP countries to establish viable programmes of environmental contaminant and pharmaceutical residue monitoring in capture and aquaculture fisheries that comply with the regulations of EU markets.  Client: NR International Ltd.

Environmental Screening Notes and analyses prepared for DFID projects in Africa, S.E.Asia and the Caribbean: such as:

Cambodia Poverty Reduction Budget Support Programme (PRBS)

Governance and Poverty Policy Analysis and Advice Programme: Vietnam.

Environmental analysis,  Indonesia: to help inform DFID Country Assistance Plan

Sudan post-conflict risk mapping (implication for NR)

Discrimination in Response to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean

Anti-corruption reforms in Uganda  (implications for NR)

Defence transformation in Sudan (implications for NR)

DFID Uganda water and sanitation programme for health improvements

Client:  Harewelle International Ltd. and NR International  Ltd.

Ethiopia 2007

Keynote speaker to AU ministerial meeting on strategic environmental issues of wide scale pesticide use for control of disease vectors affecting 10M km2  in 37 African countries Client African Union

UK 2007

Co-production of a policy and advisory document to assist policy definition in DFID’s new Research Into Use Programme: ‘A Practical Approach to the Appraisal of Environmental Risks Associated with the Use of RIUP technologies’  66pp.  Also proposed RIU technologies to help communities adapt to climate change.  Client: NR International Ltd

Tanzania and Ethiopia 2006

Public and private sector training of trainers in pesticide incident reporting  (Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions), ecotoxicology and ecological monitoring methods. Client:  PAN UK

Tunisia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Botswana, Cameroun  2006

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the PAN African Tsetse and Trypanomiasis Eradication Programme Phase II. Team member on country missions with primary responsibility for researching potential environmental and social impacts of the programme.  Client AfDB

Singapore 2004-5  

Responsible for the establishment and management of the CBS Bioscience incubator for toxic hazards at Nanyang Polytechnic  Singapore  Client BAE Systems

UK 2002-4

R&D on the bioremediation of soils contaminated with naphthenic insulating oils that employ green waste streams.  Client EDF (Electricité de France)

Europe EUREKA 2002-5

Co-author and research manager for €3m EUREKA programme to design and build a prototype Safe Soil Tester for rapid screening of soils for organic contaminants (pesticides, PAH, pet hydrocarbons) (biotechnology application).Client  UK DTI

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