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Zambia/Kenya/Uganda/Botswana 1992-5

UK Manager of 4 year Migrant Pest Project for IRLCO-CSA that required continuous research inputs on control techniques (red locust, grasshopper, Quelea, armyworm) and financial management.  Author of the winning NRI bid. Client: AfBD

Botswana 1990

Aquatic and terrestrial ecology (2w).  Consultancy for the Gov.o Botswana on ecological methods for monitoring  non-target populations of invertebrates and fish in the Okavango River and swamps in relation to the assessment of risks of pyrethroid use for tsetse control. Client: ODA

Zimbabwe 1986

Ecotoxicology. (5m) Ecological impact of deltamethrin sprayed aerially for the control of tsetse fly on dynamics of lake plankton and riverine benthos in N E Zimbabwe.

Monitoring of aerosol spray drift on standing populations, activity and behaviour of  aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates. Ecotoxicological studies on soil nitrification and N2-fixation activity of diazotrophes.  Client: Wellcome Foundation

Zimbabwe 1987-90

Ecotoxicology. (6m) Risk assessment of ground-sprayed DDT used to control tsetse in W Zimbabwe.  Monitoring over three years the dissipation and degradation of DDT from vegetation and soils, and the effect of DDT and its metabolites on the breakdown and removal of leaf litter by surface fauna and soil micro- and macro-infauna. Training on pesticide application and safety.  Client: ODA


Environmental monitoring (1m) of aquatic organisms and fish following aerial overspray of endosulfan (tsetse control) over small water bodies in Choma area. Invertebrate and fish monitoring to gauge standing crop and recovery following severe acute mortalities.   Client: EC DGVIII

Zimbabwe 1987

Environmental monitoring (1.5m) of key soil processes influencing soil fertility.

Impact of endosulfan used for tsetse control on soil nitrification and respiration in woodland soils.  Portable monitoring technology developed and tested. Client: EC

Zimbabwe 1988

Pesticide safety and ecotoxicology. (2m). Monitoring the safety of ground-spraying crews and the ecological impact of deltamethrin in rivers: spray drift of pyrethroid insecticides used to control tsetse fly in western Zimbabwe. Surface dwelling and benthic aquatic fauna were monitored (drift) or quantified (standing populaton) above and below source of contamination to establish the extent and degree of the impact. Research and training in operator safety from hydraulic pressure sprayers.  Client: Veterinary Dept Zimbabwe & ODA


Ecological Impact Assessment  (2m) Ecological impact of acridicides used for control of locust and grasshoppers.  Pilot study to determine major effects of fenitrothion, chlorpyriphos and diflubenzuron on aquatic and terrestrial fauna and key soil microbial functions were compared. Client: ODA/FAO


Environmental monitoring (1m), to assess the impact of insecticide spraying (riverine tsetse control) on non-target invertebrates, fish and fishery of the Shabeelle River. Physico-chemical monitoring of water and analyses of endosulfan residues in water, sediments and animal tissues provided dispersion characteristics and toxicological data for ADIs. Client:ODA


Aquatic Ecology and Agrochemicals. Applied research into the chemical and biological constraints to biological N2-fixation in wetland and irrigated rice fields. Quantitative studies of the floodwater and soil

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