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To the pioneers of St. Patrick’s Parish whose initiative and generosity are our inspiration ... - page 6 / 6





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Period two was the initiation of a planning process for the future of St. Patrick. During this time, the profes- sional services of the Archdiocese planning office were engaged. Included in this was the question of future space needs as the parish prepared for expan- sion and growth. Period three for Father Haas was devoted to making the parish an attractive and wel- coming community for all. This included improving the church interior without significant expenditure. Projects were completed mostly under the direction of the firm ‘Richie Brothers’ of Madison, WI and in- cluded: repainting and decorating of the interior, in- stalling new carpeting, removing wainscoting, install- ing new lighting and a new sound system, removing side altars, and adding new church furniture, altar,

Fr. Terry Huebner, 1995-2000

Parish History To be Continued...

Fr. Joseph Haas, 1983-1995

Father Haas spent 12 years at St. Patrick. In 1995, he was assigned to a parish in Port Washington, Wisconsin and was succeeded by Father Terry Huebner. Father Terry continued the welcoming spirit. Under his guidance, our parish enjoyed a period of relative calm and expanded evangeliza- tion initiatives began. “A Place at the Table” was introduced as an organization focused on reaching out to our community and welcoming all Catholics home again. Father Terry was also key in the for- mation of the Ad Hoc Space Needs committee whose goal was to ensure that the future needs of St. Patrick Parish would be met. in 2000, Father Terry took an assignment in the Milwaukee area and Father Michael Benham was installed as St. Patrick’s pastor in June 2000.

Fr. Michael Benham, 2000-2003

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