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CIS 350—Computers and Society

Spring 2002 Syllabus

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Johnson, Deborah.  Computer Ethics, 3rd ed.  Prentice Hall College Division.  2000. ISBN 0130836990

(NOTE: Please make sure you buy the 3rd edition of the text.)

Professional Journal Articles:

We will read about thirty professional journal articles this semester.  All of them are available online.  You will find links and instructions for accessing the articles at the course website.  Do not get behind in the reading.  You will regret it.

WebBoard Class Discussions and Assignments:

For my distance section in the Spring of 2002, all assignments and class activities will occur online.  Find the class Webboard and sign on and introduce yourself during the week before the course officially begins, if possible ( and by Friday January 25 at the latest) and participate there regularly.  This is the heart of the online course.


The lectures are a brief, introductory overview of  the themes and materials in a module. They are not tied to the specific textbook or readings used in a particular section in a specific semester, since these may change frequently and vary from section to section. The lectures should be listened to/viewed before you try the specific readings on the topic suggested for that semester.  

For Distance Learning students the course lectures are available in Powerpoint plus audio  format.  These can be accessed in two ways.  You may:


Buy the lectures on CD-ROM from HAVE, Inc.

The CD-ROM may be ordered from HAVE’s website:


This CD-Rom also includes the Powerpoint notes, which you will want to print ahead of time for taking your additional notes while listening.


Watch the streaming videos online via the course website.


If you want to watch the videos from an off-campus location you must set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your home computer.  Please see the course website for instructions on how to do this.

Other Helpful Materials:

In addition to the resources listed above you will find many other helpful and informative resources at the course website.  It is almost certain that you will not be successful in completing this course if you do not use this resource often.  In case you missed it, the website is http://ccsweb.njit.edu/~cis350.

Assignments and Grading

General Policy: You will be penalized 2 points a day, or ten points a week, for unexcused latenesses. Some assignments need to be completed by certain dates to receive any credit at all. No late assignments may be turned in after the last day of the class for credit. It may be possible

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