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CIS 350—Computers and Society

Spring 2002 Syllabus

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remember to ask yourself if you believe and/or agree with what each author has to say.  How well have the authors researched the issues?  How well have they backed up their claims?

Week 5—Issue 1: Computers, Equity, Education, and the Digital Divide

What is equity?  In the game of life computers change the level of the playing field for the players.  Is it a fair game?  Should it be?  These are the issues we will discuss this week.  We will explore gender equity in particular as an example, but these concepts will apply to other social dividers such as race, ethnicity, age, religion, and disability status.  You are responsible for the following:

Lecture: "Lecture 6", ""Computers, Education, and Equity"


1. Rockman, S.  Inschool or out: Technology, equity, and the future of our kids.  CACM, June 1995, 25- 29.

2. Marchioni, G. and Maurer, H.  The roles of digital libraries in teaching and learning.  CACM  April 1995, 67- 75.

3. Hiltz, S.R. and Wellman, B. Asynchronous Learning Networks as a Virtual Classroom.



WebBoard Discussion Topic:  How is “equity” different from “equality”?  Contrast the notion of equity with the notion of maximizing the good for the most people espoused by utilitarian ethics theory.


(Continue experiment assignment)

Week 6 (Feb. 24- March 2) Equity  and Ethical Issues, Continued: Issue 2,  Computers in Medicine

Lecture: Watch "Lecture 7," "Computers in Medicine"


1. Raghupath, W. ‘Healthcare information systems," and Anderson, J. G., "Clearing the way for physicians use of clinical information systems," CACM, Aug. 1997, 81- 90.

2. Blyth, "What happens if medical information systems fail?" ACM Computers and Society, Dec. 1996, 25-26.

Assignments: 1. By Monday, Feb. 25: Post one or more possible questions for the midterm, with indication of where the answer may be found…

 Midterm exam on the first six weeks-- The midterm date on the NJIT campus is anticipated to be Saturday  March 8.  . Times on the Mt. Laurel Campus will  be Friday or Saturday.

Week  7 + 8 — (March 3-16 ) Issue 3: Computers, the Government, and the Military

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