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Presiding Druid stands in front of the Altar, elevates the Sacred Waters, and: O Nature Spirits, Ancestors, Noble, Ancient and Shining Ones!  We have offered to you, so we ask for your gifts in return.  Hallow these waters!  Bless our lives with love, magic and bounty as we drink of your essence.  Kindreds, we ask you, give us the waters of life!

People: Give us the waters of life!

Presiding Druid shows People the waters:  Behold the waters of life!

Presiding Druid pours holy water into the cider and a few drops on the bread, and hands them to Bard, Mage, and Sanctifier who start passing them around the circle.

The bread and cider are passed, while Presiding Druid leads people in singing:

Pour The Waters

Pour the waters, raise the cup;

Drink your share of wisdom deep;

Strength and love now fill us up

As the elder ways we keep.

(Repeat until all have had some bread and cider then Sanctifier collects the cups)


Presiding Druid: We have drunk of the Waters of Life!  The Powers have given us true and wondrous blessings.  We affirm the gifts of the Kindreds and acknowledge their power in our lives.

Sacrificer: Children of the Earth, do you accept the gifts of the Kindreds?

People: We accept the gifts of the Kindreds!

THE WORKING - Seed Blessing

Presiding Druid rings the bell three times, then holds up a basket full of packets of seeds, and explains:  This seed blessing involves the charging and blessing of seeds. As you take and hold a packet, please concentrate on your intentions of what you will plant and grow in this coming season. We ask you to plant them at home as a magical act and tend to them through the summer as you tend to your intentions, thus using this magic to strengthen your efforts even as you further establish better contacts with your natural surroundings.

Presiding Druid and Bard chant over and over, as Mage and Sanctifier pass around the basket:

Seeds hold my dreams. Carry them to earth

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