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People: Shining Ones, accept our offering!

Presiding Druid leads people in singing:

Hail All The Gods

Hail all the Gods, Hail all the Goddesses,

Hail all the holy ones, we dwell together!

Powers of the sky, Powers of the sacred earth,

Powers of the underworld we dwell together.

Hail all the Gods!  Hail all the Goddesses!

Hail all the Gods and Goddesses!


Presiding Druid: Today we celebrate the Vernal or Spring Equinox, known in Ireland as Meán Earraigh and in Wales as Alban Eilir - both mean in their respective languages Middle-Spring.

Warrior: Spring is a time when day and night are in balance, in perfect equilibrium.

Bard:  Spring is also a time of youth and fertility, when the land around us reawakens and new life begins to burst out and show signs of great promise for the future.

Seer:  As nature slowly reawakens form a long winter sleep, and the snow and cold fades, giving nourishment to all that rests in the earth's fertile soil, the seeds of rebirth begin to sprout up from the darkness.

Mage: Let us awaken from the darkness of our sleep in praise of the life within and around us. Let the light shine forth from within our essence to shine upon the greening earth.

Sanctifier:  Let us welcome Aengus Mac Og, young fertile god of Love, and Etain, the lovely sun goddess who was turned into a butterfly, swallowed and reborn.

Warrior offers scented oil to the fire, as Sacrificer invokes the deities.

Etain, lovely wife of Midir,

Bore your former’s wrath

The witch goddess, Fuamnach, did her best

To rid you from the world.

A pool of water first you were

And then a lowly worm

And finally a butterfly

Blown hither in the wind

Near the sea you landed

And stayed for seven years

Until bright Aengus found you

And tried to bring you home.

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