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high risk exposure in the clinical setting, as well as the costs of anti-HIV drugs if the physician determines the medications are warranted. Prior to a clinical experience in a facility, students may be required to demonstrate freedom from drug use through screening. Facilities also require an individual background check and fingerprinting on a student. Please note: if a student is out of the program for 5 months or more, she/he must re-do the drug screen and background check. Students are responsible to meet all requirements established by clinical facilities.

Students will need to provide their own transportation to class and all clinical experiences. Proof of auto insurance, a current car registration, and a valid driver’s license is required for access to clinical facilities located on military installations.

Mental and Physical Qualifications for Professional Nursing Please be advised that there are minimum entry mental and physical qualifications to professional nursing practice. Typically, each nursing employer sets minimal physical and mental standards for employment as a Registered Nurse. National University wishes to inform prospective students of the general nature of such qualifications. Further, National University wishes to assist applicants in meeting all essential qualifications. Applicants should assess their own capabilities for nursing prior to entering the profession of nursing as a graduate. Thus, the following are MINIMUM mental and physical qualifications for admission of applicants to a professional nursing program:

Frequently work in a standing position and do frequent walking. Lift and transfer patients up to 6 inches from a stooped position, then push or pull the weight up to 3 feet. Lift and transfer patients from a stooped to an upright position to accomplish bed-to-chair and chair-to-bed transfers. Physically apply up to 10 pounds of pressure to bleeding sites, or in performing CPR. Respond and react immediately to auditory instructions/requests/monitor equipment, and perform auditory auscultation without auditory impediments. Physically perform up to a twelve hour clinical laboratory experience. Perform close and distance visual activities involving objects, persons, and paperwork, as well as discriminate depth and color perception. Discriminate between sharp/dull and hot/cold when using hands. Perform mathematical calculations for medication preparation and administration. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using appropriate English grammar, vocabulary and wording. Make appropriate and timely decisions under stressful situations.

All students of the Department of Nursing are expected to meet these qualifications and successfully complete other course requirements. Individuals applying for admission to the Department of Nursing should consider their eligibility in light of these qualifications and assess their ability to meet these qualifications.

In carrying out the nondiscrimination policy of the Department of Nursing with regard to students and applicants with disabilities, the Department will endeavor to make reasonable modifications and otherwise reasonably accommodate students and applicants with disabilities. Students with disabilities should consider their ability to meet the above qualifications with reasonable accommodation. Any requests for accommodation will be considered through the University’s Office of Scholarships and Special Services as described in the university catalog.

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