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The Student Agreement To ensure that graduates of National University’s nursing programs are able to meet the legal requirements of the California Board of Registered Nursing (the Board), all newly admitted nursing students must enter into a student agreement. A copy of the student agreement is distributed at the mandatory student orientation.

The student agreement gives National University the right to suspend or terminate the student’s participation in the nursing program upon showing that the student has:

  • Committed acts or engaged in conduct that could constitute grounds for denial of an RN license;

  • Failed to demonstrate the requisite skills and qualifications to satisfy the requirements for an RN license;

  • Demonstrated other qualities or behaviors enumerated in the student agreement inconsistent with National University’s recommendation of the student for an RN license. The student agreement also authorizes National University to release to the Board of Registered Nursing all pertinent information pertaining to the qualification or fitness for an RN license.

Time Management The professional nursing program, with its intense clinical practice component, is very demanding in terms of time and energy allocation. Students are advised not to undertake a work schedule that could jeopardize successful completion of the program.

Student Assistance, Notice of Need to Improve, and Dismissal from School of Nursing Programs National University is committed to maintaining quality standards throughout its nursing programs and to graduating competent professional nurses. As required by the Board, National University identifies and assists students who need special assistance, and retains in its programs only those students who are suited for entry to or advancement in the nursing profession. The Board is charged by the state with evaluating the moral character and fitness of all persons who wish to work as a registered nurse in California healthcare facilities. Every person who is an applicant for, or who now holds any nursing license is answerable to the Board for his or her fitness-related conduct.

Learning Contracts Learning contracts will be used by faculty to notify students of learning issues and/or a clinical performance problem. If the student fails to meet the standard set forth in the learning contract, the following may result: 1) Immediate removal from a clinical laboratory or facility site, 2) Immediate removal from a theory course, and/or 3) Recommendation of dismissal from the program of study if the situation warrants. Students will receive a copy of the contract and an additional copy will be maintained in the student’s file in the Department of Nursing.

Procedures Governing Problems with Progress in the Program When a student is having a problem with the nursing program or a student is notified that she/he is not meeting the standards in either the classroom, nursing skills laboratory, or clinical facility, the student should meet first with the course lead or (if the deficit is in clinical practice) with the course lead and the clinical nursing faculty. The student should seek clarification of the deficit and work with the faculty to construct a plan for improvement which may or may not include the creation of a Student/Faculty Learning Contract.

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