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A product that says "fat free" on the label has virtually no fat. Margarine contains fewer calories and less fat than butter. If you're on a diet, snacking is out of the question. Jogging two miles burns more calories than walking two miles. If you buy frozen or canned vegetables, you are robbing your family of precious vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to cut down on salt is to throw out your salt shaker.

True True True True True True

False False False False False False

7. 8.

The word "lean" on a food label means the food is low in fat and calories. How many lung cancer deaths have been caused annually by involuntary (secondhand) smoke?

True a. 500 c. 4,000

False b. 2,000 d. 6,000

Nutrition and Health Quiz

(Answers are below.)

by Ann Hudspeth

1. True. A "fat free" product must have less than one-half gram of fat per serving. (American Heart Association) 2. False. Regular margarine and butter both contain about the same amount of fat and calories per teaspoon. Butter has more saturated fat. (AHA) 3. False. Snacking may actually help you lose weight by curbing your appetite so you eat less at meals. Make sure to incorporate healthful snacks into your day. (American College Health Association) 4. False. About the same amount of calories is used in either activity. The difference is in the amount of time it takes to complete the two miles. (AHA) 5. False. You are actually better off nutritionally with a vegetable that has been frozen or canned immediately after harvest than a fresh vegetable that's been sitting around too long. (ARA) 6. False. Only 15 percent of the sodium the average American consumes comes from the shaker. Another ten percent occurs naturally in foods. By far the most comes from processed foods. Watch out for most brands of frozen dinners or pizzas, processed meat, canned meats, salad dressings and canned or dried soup. (Bonnie Liebman, Nutrition Action Healthletter, March 1994) 7. False. Any food can be called lean if it has no more than 10 a of fat, 4.5 g of saturated fat and 95 mg of cholesterol. "Lean" claims are useful only when they appear on fresh cuts of meat or poultry. (Nutrition Action Healthletter, April 1994) 8. C. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 4,000 lung cancer deaths annually have been caused by involuntary smoking. (American Cancer Society)


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