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a month at one job would have a perfect attendance record at his next job. However, Carmona’s jobs at Jet Blue and Dillard’s could reasonably be found materially different in presently relevant respects from his job at Southwest. At Dillard’s, Carmona’s job was performed entirely while seated at a desk. Although Carmona testified that sitting aggravated his condition, he never contended that his psoriatic arthritis substantially limited his ability to sit. Thus, the jury reasonably could have concluded that he was able to work this job during his flare-ups, even if getting to and from the job was extremely painful. At Jet Blue, Carmona worked part-time as a customer service agent, which required him to stand behind a desk, meet flights on the jet way, and check baggage. Although this job required him to stand, it involved minimal amounts of walking. Jet Blue did not allow him to work this job for more than twelve hours a week. Under these facts, and mindful of the rule that we must view them in the light most favorable to Carmona, we find that the jury rationally could have concluded that Carmona was able to work for Jet Blue despite being substantially limited in his ability to walk, because he could tolerate the pain long enough to make it through a part-time day as a customer service agent.

The district court and Southwest also argue that Carmona failed to produce sufficient evidence to establish that he was disabled as a matter of law, because our case law holds that intermittent flare-ups cannot be considered substantially limiting. The case cited for this proposition by both Southwest and the district court is Waldrip. 325 F.3d at 652. However, Waldrip involved a situation in which the plaintiff’s doctor testified that, “at most, he occasionally must miss a few days of work when his chronic pancreatitis flares up.” Id. at 657 (emphasis added). The occasional flare-ups in Waldrip and the frequent, recurrent flare-ups that Carmona experiences


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