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employees “were issued all letters of discipline timely.” (Emphasis added.) Clark attempted to resolve this apparent discrepancy by testifying that these statements indicated that the employees in question had been issued timely all letters of discipline up to, but not including, their termination letters. While this explanation may be plausible, the jury was not required to believe it. The explicit, unqualified statement contained in each memorandum that all letters of discipline had been issued timely provided grounds for a reasonable jury to reject Clark’s testimony that the statements were implicitly qualified. In conducting a review for the sufficiency of the evidence, we accept all credibility choices made by the jury. Goodman v. Harris County, 571 F.3d 388, 398 (5th Cir. 2009), pet. denied, ___ S.Ct. ___, 2010 WL 154980, ___ S.Ct. ___, 2010 WL 154983 (2010). Accordingly, although the issue is indeed a close one, we ultimately conclude that Carmona’s jury reasonably could have found that Southwest had allowed other flight attendants to exceed twelve points without being terminated.

Southwest also argues that the female employees whose records were introduced in Plaintiff’s Exhibits 4 through 9 were not proper comparators for the purpose of establishing discrimination, because Carmona did not offer any proof that these women were individuals without disabilities. The logic behind this argument is that if these women were also disabled, but allowed to keep their jobs, then no reasonable jury could have inferred that Carmona’s disability was a motivating factor in his discharge. Carmona argues that the jury was entitled to assume Employees 4 through 9 were not disabled, because no evidence suggested that they were disabled, and most individuals are not disabled.

We agree that Southwest’s argument on this issue is without merit. It is generally recognized that a party has the burden of proof on an issue when


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