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Literature Review & Summary Report Design Basis Memorandum St. Johns River Water Management District Contract # SK940AA

BCI Project No. 19-15089 September 2007 Page 16

Plate and frame units are a cost-effective dewatering solution for batch operations with liquids containing high solids concentrations or slurries containing 3 - 30 % solids. Typical capacities for a plate and frame filter will depend on the solids being dewatered, but will range around 1/2 gallon per minute of feed for low solids content slurries (1/2 – 1 % solids) to over 1 gallon per minute of slurry per square foot of surface area on the plates.

Figure 11 Plate and Frame Press

2.4.4 Equipment Type – Bucher Press

The Bucher press (Figure 12) is a hydraulic de-juicing press consisting of a cylinder and a moving piston that squeezes the sludge allowing the water to pass through several filter elements made of porous cloth material. The sludge cake is retained inside the cylindrical shell. After the sludge enters the cylinder, it is continuously squeezed by the piston, thereby achieving a high degree of mechanical dewatering. Filtrate can be collected and discharged to the wastewater system.

The bucher press is considered developing technology in the United States and little full- scale operation information is available.

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