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Promises made by You

  • 2.

    You promise that:

    • 2.1

      prior to disclosing any information to RTA or Avis about an Individual, You have obtained their consent to the matters in clause 1; and

    • 2.2

      all information You provide to RTA about You or any Individual is or will be accurate, complete and up-to-date, and will not be false or misleading.

Definitions “Agreement Number” means a unique agreement number provided to You by Avis or by RTA in connection with the Rental Agreement. “Associated Contractors” means RTA’s suppliers, agents, distributors and contractors in relation to any Permitted Purposes. “Authorised Information Recipient” means RTA, Avis, and each Authorised Driver, Authorised Representative and Intended Recipient. “Clearing House” means any person who operates a clearing house for operators of toll roads, or Tag Issuers or Pass Issuers or any combinations of these. “Enrolment Profile” means Your current enrolment profile for renting Vehicles under the Avis Preferred Service as notified in writing to Avis from time to time. “E-Toll Information” means any information relating to You or Your E-Toll Facility, Vehicle, the location of a Tag or Vehicle at any time, the direction of travel, or video and/or camera surveillance operated at toll roads. E-Toll Information may include Personal Information about:

  • (a)

    You; or

  • (b)

    any Individual,

including a name, address, phone number, email address, drivers licence number, date of birth, Vehicle hire and usage information, billing or financial information, Enrolment Profile, Rental Agreement, Nominated Card, Avis Australia Charge Account, RTA Charge Account and other Personal Information contained in video and/or camera surveillance of toll roads for traffic management or toll violation enforcement purposes conducted by RTA or obtained by RTA from third parties. “Individual” means any individual, including any Authorised Driver, Authorised Representative, Nominated Card Holder and Your RTA Charge Account Holder. “Intended Recipients” means the following parties both within and outside NSW: (i) Credit Reporting Agencies; (ii) Associated Contractors; (iii) Tag Issuers; (iv) Pass Issuers; (v) any bank, financial institution or Clearing House; (vi) RTA’s professional advisers including legal advisers, accounting advisers and other professional advisers; (vii) driver licensing and vehicle registration agencies, law enforcement agencies, public revenue authorities, road safety authorities and solicitors in relation to motor vehicle accidents; (viii) owners and other operators of toll roads; and (ix) persons providing services to any of the entities set out in (i) to (viii). “Permitted Purposes” means any one or more of:

  • (a)

    facilitating the use of and carrying out functions and activities relating to: (i) tolls and their enforcement; (ii) the E-Toll System; (iii) any cashback system; (iv) Your E-Toll Facility and Tags; (v) verification of Your Rental Document (including verifying the details of a Nominated Card Holder or Your RTA Charge Account Holder); (vi) obtaining feedback about the E-Toll System and Your E-Toll Facility; and (vii) analysing information relating to traffic conditions, travel times and road usage and disclosing aggregate information (including to the public);

  • (b)

    auditing of the E-Toll System;

  • (c)

    law enforcement;

  • (d)

    the enforcement of a law imposing pecuniary penalty;

  • (e)

    the protection of the public revenue;

  • (f)

    road safety;

  • (g)

    release of information to solicitors acting as agents for their clients in relation to motor vehicle accidents where RTA is compelled to do so by a court order;

  • (h)

    obtaining advice and professional services on a confidential basis;

  • (i)

    market research and statistical analysis;

  • (j)

    other purposes related or incidental to the purposes listed above; and

  • (k)

    such other purposes as are permitted by Privacy Laws, in each case both within and outside NSW.

“Personal Information” means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database and whether or not recorded in a material form) about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained or is reasonably identifiable from the information or opinion and any other information subject to the Privacy Laws.

“Privacy Laws” means the privacy laws which apply to RTA from time to time, including the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) for so long as it applies to RTA and any other current or future legislation, mandatory codes and policies relating to the handling of Personal Information which apply to RTA. “RTA” means the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (ABN 64 480 155 255).

Other capitalised terms in this document have the meaning given in clause 10 of the RTA E-Toll Facility Terms and Conditions for the Avis Preferred Service. Clause 11 of the RTA E-Toll Facility Terms and Conditions for the Avis Preferred Service applies to the interpretation of this document.



PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI) PERSONAL EFFECTS INSURANCE (PEB) POLICY Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording This Policy is issued/insured by Chartis Australia Insurance Limited (Chartis), ABN 93 004 727 753, AFSL No 381686. Melbourne: Level 12, 717 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008 Sydney: Level 19, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Brisbane: 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Perth: 77 St. George’s Terrace, Perth WA 6000

T 1300 030 886 (Australia wide) F 1300 634 940 (Australia wide)

T +61 3 9522 4000 (International) F +61 3 9522 4645 (International)

Website: www.chartisinsurance.com.au

This document contains your Insurance Policy terms, Provisos, Exclusions and Conditions. It is important that you read and understand it and retain it in a safe place.

Date Prepared: 1 March 2011

HOW THIS INSURANCE IS ARRANGED This cover is provided under a Group Insurance Policy issued to W.T.H. Pty Ltd trading as Avis Australia (“Avis Australia”) by: Chartis Australia Insurance Limited (Chartis) ABN 93 004 727 753, AFSL No 381686. Level 12, 717 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008.

Chartis issues/insures this product pursuant to an Australian Financial Services Licence (“ASFL”) granted to us by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Chartis prepare this Product Disclosure Statement. The Group Policy of Insurance issued to Avis Australia provides benefits to Avis Australia customers who purchase the Protection Package and is not available for individual purchase or sale to retail clients. Avis Australia do not act on behalf of Chartis or receive any commission or benefit from Chartis in purchasing this cover.

CONTENTS PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT POLICY WORDING Definitions Section 1 - Personal Accident Insurance Part A - Capital Benefits Part B - Weekly Injury Benefit Section 2 - Personal Effects Insurance General Exclusions General Conditions

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