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Using black felt material (available from crafts and art supply stores) cut out a witch’s outline. It doesn’t have to be perfect as most kids won’t mind but don’t forget to include the pointy hat and nose!

Stick the cut out up on the wall or on a large peg board. Decorate the witch with plastic spiders and fake web.

Then cut out large shaped warts (yuck) from a green felt material and either stick a thumb tack onto the end of each one or some strong tape for younger children.

Use a plan dark colored rag as a blind fold and let the children take turns sticking the wart on the witch’s nose.

Cook a large pot of different shaped pasta such as spirals or macaroni drain and cool completely. Place cooled pasta in a large plastic bowl and add a few olives. Then add some wrapped candies or treats like mini fun sized chocolate bars.

Cover the bowl with material that you’ve cut into a decorative shape like a pumpkin or monsters head. You can even use a scary cloth mask that will go over the bowl or a decorated plastic bag. You basically need to cover the bowl with something decorative and head shaped that has a slit in the back. The kids should not be able to see the contents of the bowl.

Sit the kids in a circle and let them take turns digging into the bowl to find the candies. They won’t be able to see into the bowl and the squishy texture of the pasta along with the olives will feel like “brains”.

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