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Decorate your backyard to resemble a scary graveyard or just add lots of scary things. You can add cut out black felt bats, plastic spiders, fake web, fake tombstone, jack o lanterns and even scary music.

Hide prizes and treats amongst the plants and decorations and let the kids go on a graveyard hunt. For older kids you can even have a disguised adult or two hiding around a spooky corner, but please don’t do this with younger children as it can really traumatize them.

Kids love a good scary story. Set the scene by lowering the lights and perhaps lighting a few candles (always supervise children around candles). You can also play some low spooky music in the background.

Take turns telling scary stories appropriate to the age group of children. For younger children you can read a suitable scary and not make the scene too intense for them.

Make this time special by serving a Halloween punch or witch’s milk (warm milk sprinkled with a little chocolate and cinnamon)

This is a lot of fun. Buy a handful of party wrap rolls – crepe paper (preferably in Halloween colors and decoration, but you can even use toilet paper). Split the kids up into teams of two. One child will be the “mummy” and the other is in charge of wrapping up the child like a mummy.

When you start playing the music the teams can start wrapping up the mummy. Try to play some fun Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and when you turn the music off the kids need to stop.

The team whose mummy is the most mummified (or wrapped) wins.

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