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6] Perpetrator has access to and has the capability of using a weapon in an assault

7] Perpetrator has been in recent altercations with others, or had contact with the police.  This indicates a generalisation of rage and other negative emotions.

FACILITATING FACTORS- Any factor which will take the brakes off the perpetrator’s behaviour by direct action on brain chemistry, or reducing the powerful societal taboos against violence. These factors should not be mistaken as the “root cause” of the perpetrators behaviour

1] Alcohol and other drugs of misuse. Alcohol is classed as a depressant drug the first signs of intoxication is the removal of inhibition, hence the dancing on the table routines followed by barroom brawls. Alcohol use certainly is common prior to intimate partner assaults. Cocaine a psycho stimulant which may induce irritability and paranoia is also a culprit. Interestingly both in long term use are associated with pathological jealousy

2] A long history of delinquency and criminality. This indicates that this individual is less responsive or impacted than normal to societal laws. They are very unlikely to be deterred in their domestic violence by Restraining orders

3] Societal responses to Intimate Partner Violence. If law enforcement, medical/social services and community responses to this behaviour are erratic, ineffectual, or inappropriate the behaviour will continue unabated.

© Dr Sue Fairclough

For The Crisis Centre



      June 26th 2005

The Treatment of the Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence-

In a nut shell


1] Joint therapy with Perpetrator and Survivor

Joint counseling is only effective if both parties have near parity of power and are willing to negotiate and compromise.  In this scenario there will likely be a distraught damaged victim and a calm and manipulative perpetrator who will make all attempts to retain the status quo.

2] Anger management for the Perpetrator

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