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the Burnet family name to create a traditional, or heritage, brand might be a possibility. First of all, however, she would need a horticultural plan, and a sales plan, with realistic estimates of what could be grown, at what cost. Only then would it be sensible to consider what could be sold, at what price. She added that she hoped this advice was helpful, and that as it did not constitute a marketing strategy she would not be submitting an invoice.

In fact, she would be signing on with a temping agency. She had an interview in Covinton in an hour. She picked, from among the breakfast ingredients her mother had left out, a low calorie fruit yoghurt and a mini-pack of sugary cereal she could munch on the way. She stuffed the report in an envelope, put on her sensible walking sandals on a point of principle, and strode defiantly through the rain to her car.

THE RAIN HAD LOST its persistence by the time Jeremy made a bowl of porridge for his great- grandfather and decided to leave. He checked online and established that there was a bus down the main road to Covinton at ten past every hour. He thought he might post his adventures at some point, though, and he just couldn‟t see starting with “I caught the bus into town.” Hitchhiking would be much better, though he‟d never done it before and there was so little traffic on the lane he‟d have to walk at least to the main road. So he rummaged in the shed at the back of the lodge until he found the bike G-gramps had begged from a postman who retired when Jeremy was in his early teens. He pumped up the tyres, and raised the saddle a few inches. It had three gears, mudguards that would stop the rear wheel from throwing mud and water up his back, and a rack behind the saddle to which he could tie his suitcase. Jeremy felt pleased with himself for this practical turn of thinking.

BILL TURNED HIS WINDSHIELD WIPERS OFF as the rain lessened. The more electrical things you ran, the greater the fuel consumption. But other vehicles kept overtaking and cutting in front of him, sending spray all over the windshield so that he had to keep flicking the wipers on and off, and he knew with computers at least – because he‟d challenged the IT people at work -- it took a surge of power to start them up every time and that put a strain on the hard drive or something, which meant it broke and you had to replace it earlier than if you just left the power on standby, and if you did all the sums it left a greater carbon footprint turning it off than leaving it on.

It was all hopelessly counter-intuitive and he suddenly realised that he‟d had enough. Let them all race on without his good example. There was a turn-off coming up on his left and without another thought he literally turned off. He swung into the lane without braking. A driver close behind him blasted his horn, which had the effect only of driving Bill into an even deeper withdrawal. He put the car in neutral and took his foot off the pedals. He didn‟t even

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