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county‟s schools. He switched off the radio, scooped up his briefcase, lunchbox, and jacket, and headed for the building.

His route crossed paths with Archie Jones from the audit office. News for Archie was a headteacher with his fingers in the school fund, or highways engineers emailing biggest- tits-ever pictures round the office at lunchtime.

“Morning, Bill. Going to be another scorcher.” “Yes, lovely.” Bill hated the gripes on mornings like this about why no one was lobbying the joint consultative committee for air conditioning.

He brushed his left trouser pocket against the security-pass reader and the door swished open for him. That was another point-something of a watt wasted. He‟d asked the question and drafted a piece for the staff magazine saying how much the council would save if staff opened doors manually, but the committee had vetoed it. Wheelchair users needed power assistance, so it was power assistance for everyone.

“Morning, Bill,” said the new woman behind main reception whose name he hadn‟t learned yet. She smiled as per customer service protocol he ran one of the sessions on the induction course -- flicked a button, and the half doors leading through to the lift swung open. He went in and pressed the button for the sixth floor. He took the stairs, on average, half the time, the message being that everyone should do what they can, and a half step is better than no step at all. The doors slid shut and up he went. When the doors opened again, he stepped out and straight out into the copying room, where the drinks stuff waited. He set up a cup of fairtrade coffee, opened his laptop, and tapped on the keys while the black stuff dripped through.

Press Information issued by Covinshire Council

A new record has been set by a member of staff at Covinshire Council for eco-driving to work, it was announced today.

Bill Smith, 41, drove 20 miles from his home in Duckowby to the council‟s headquarters in Covinton achieving a record fuel consumption of 60.7 miles per gallon.

Celia Drinkwater, Covinshire Council‟s Cabinet member for Sustainability, said, “As the Council‟s Press Officer, Bill Smith has been promoting our environmentally friendly policies and practices to local people for the past fifteen years. Now he is leading by example. I‟m sure others, both here at the council and out in the wider community, will want to follow his lead, and will hopefully set even higher records as we meet the crucially important challenge of reducing our carbon footprint.”

Bill Smith said, “I just wanted to show what one individual can achieve when he is

prepared to put old habits aside and really change his behaviour.”


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