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But as soon as her mother came home she would yell up the stairs “Have you got the job?” and when she yelled back no, which her mother would know already from the fact that her daughter was lounging in the bath in the middle of the day, indulging in self-pity as she saw it, then she would be lectured yet again about how college taught you everything about marketing except how to market yourself.

She‟d only worn the high heels that morning to make her mother happy. She also needed a boyfriend. Well, wanted one. It had been over a year since she split up with boring Graham and at least six months since her last firm decision that she had done the right thing.

As the steam condensed out of the air she forced herself to focus on the task in hand and picked up her clipboard again.

Positives: Once established, just seems to go on year after year Problem-free Easy-feeder Green all year

Negatives: Undistinguished Bland Heavily veined and sometimes greyish Becomes lanky after flowering Well out of fashion

Unique selling point: Nobody else alert to commercial possibilities Because there aren‟t any?

And then, although she knew you could only have one USP, she added:

Delicate scent, reminiscent of cucumber

A delicate whiff of cucumber in a sea of pig muck. Her destiny was clearly not going to be inextricably bound with a dynamic strategy for marketing salad burnet to the twenty-first century.

Then, because she was a thorough person and liked to weigh up all the evidence before she made a decision, she followed the exercise on the product with the same exercise on the job.

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