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Introducing SolidWorks

Default templates

Default templates are established at ToolsOptionsDefault Templates. The default templates must be in one of the paths specified in File Locations. Figure 1.14 shows the Default Templates settings.

FIGURE 1.14 Tools Options Default Templates settings

The Default Template option, Always use these default document templates Prompt user to select document template, applies to situations when a template is required by an automatic feature in the software such as an imported part, or a mirrored part. In this situation, depending on the set- ting selected, the system either automatically uses the default template or the user is prompted to select a template.

Allowing the software to apply the default template automatically can have a great impact on speed. This is especially true in the case of imported assemblies, which would require you to manually select templates for each imported part in the assembly if the Prompt user... option is used. PERFORMANCE

Sharing templates

If you are administering an installation of a large number of users, or even if there are just a couple of users working on similar designs, shared templates are a must. If every user is doing what she thinks best, you may get an interesting combination of conflicting ideas, and the consistency of the company’s documentation may suffer. Standardized templates cannot make users model, assemble, and detail in exactly the same way, but they do start users off on the same foot.

To share templates among several users, create a folder for templates on a commonly accessible network location, preferably with read-only access for users and read-write permissions for admin- istrators. Then point each user’s File Locations and Default templates to that location. Access prob- lems due to multiple users accessing the same files do not arise in this situation because templates are essentially copied to create a new document, not used directly.



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