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Part I

SolidWorks Basics

Starting SolidWorks for the First Time

SolidWorks has many tools for beginning users that are available when the software is installed. A default installation presents you with several options when the software is started the first time. Following is a catalog of these options and how to get the most benefit from them.

If you plan to go to formal SolidWorks reseller-based training classes, it is a very good idea to go through some of the tutorials mentioned in this section first; this way you are prepared to ask edu- cated questions and have a leg up on the rest of the class. You will get more out of the training with the instructor if you have seen the material once before.

SolidWorks License Agreement

It is useful to be familiar with what this document says, but the agreement does not have any bear- ing on learning how to use the software other than the fact that it allows for a Home Use License. Many users find this part of the license agreement, shown in Figure 1.1, helpful. The primary user of the license at work is also allowed to use the license at home or on a portable computer. This is often a good option for learning, additional practice or completing the design of the deck or soap- box derby car. If your business uses floating licenses, the rules are somewhat different. Contact your reseller for details. In any case, select Accept to get past the License Agreement page.

FIGURE 1.1 The SolidWorks License Agreement

Welcome to SolidWorks

The Welcome to SolidWorks screen, shown in Figure 1.2, is the next thing to greet you. This helps you establish what type of tools you would like to see in the interface and gives you some help options. You may not get the chance to see this dialog box if someone else, for example an IT per- son, has installed and done an initial test on your software for you.

Quick Tips

Quick Tips enables balloons with tips to help you get started with several tasks. For example, the first Quick Tip you see may be this one, shown in Figure 1.3. When you begin to create your first document in SolidWorks, a Quick Tip helps guide you on your way.


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