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Part I


SolidWorks Basics

    • 4.

      Select FileNew from the menu.

    • 5.

      Create a new Part document, selecting any template if using the Advanced interface.

    • 6.

      Select from the menu ToolsOptionsDocument PropertiesDetailing.

    • 7.

      Make sure the ANSI standard is selected.

    • 8.

      Change to the Units page.

    • 9.

      Change the unit system to IPS, inches, with 3 decimal places, using millimeters as the dual units, with 2 decimal places. Set angular units to Degrees with 1 decimal place.

  • 10.

    Change to the Grid/Snap page.

  • 11.

    Turn off Display grid.

  • 12.

    Change to the Image Quality page.

  • 13.

    Move the slider 2/3 of the way to the right, so it is closer to High. Make sure the Save tessellation with part document option is on.

  • 14.

    Click OK to save the settings and exit the Tools, Options dialog.

  • 15.

    RMB (right mouse button) on the Materials entry in the FeatureManager, and select 1060 Alloy from the list.

  • 16.

    From the menu select FileProperties, and click the Custom tab.

  • 17.

    Add a property called material of type Text. In the Value / Text Expression column, click the down arrow and select Material from the list. Notice that the Evaluated Value shows 1060 Alloy.

  • 18.

    Add another property called description and give it a default value of Description. At this point, the window should look like Figure 1.26.

FIGURE 1.26 Setting up Custom Properties

  • 19.

    Click OK to close the Summary Information window.

  • 20.

    Change the names of the standard planes by clicking them twice slowly or clicking

once and pressing F2. Rename them to Front, Top, and Side, respectively.

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