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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Using FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Using FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 is actually quite simple; the challenge lies in mastering the added level of realism in your flight simulator!

FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 allows you to customize a large amount of parameters based on your favourite aircraft. The most important parameters are those gathered in the Performance file for your aircraft. There are, however, many other parameters that might differ between various aircraft. If you are flying a GA type aircraft, such as one of Flight Simulator’s Cessnas, it would probably seem a little out of order to have cabin announcements played at various stages during your flight. If, on the other hand, you later switch to a large airliner, the cabin announcements add a touch of realism and feeling to your flight. To allow you to quickly recall your own settings for various aircraft and flight types, FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 features a powerful Profile feature. We strongly recommend you to study how to use profiles, as we know this will save you a lot of work when you are performing your flights in Flight Simulator!

The Quick Menu

FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 contains many option panels, and to allow easy navigation between them, a QuickMenu is at your disposal. To use the QuickMenu:

  • Right-click somewhere in the empty space of the current panel

(between labels, buttons, etc.). If you click on a label, the context-sensitive help for the corresponding item will appear.

  • The QuickMenu appears.

  • Select the panel to go to in the list, or click Cancel to close the


If there are unsaved changes in the current panel, you will be asked to save them before the selected panel is activated.

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