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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Auto 1 and Auto 2

If you select one of the Auto mode, the checklist will be locked to the flight phases in FDC. The checklists will be played a short time after the flight phase has been activated, except for the checklists at the gate (explained below). When in the Auto modes, the checklists will be started automatically. However, the execution of the checklist differs between the two. If you use Auto 1 the checklists will play automatically. The only interaction you have to do is to resume the checklist again (by hitting Ctrl-Spacebar) when you have received a negative checklist response. If you use Auto 2 the checklist will stop after each checklist is made. You will then have the chance to check the item, and correct it. When you’re happy with the item, you hit Spacebar to hear FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 call out the response, and then make the next checklist call. Thus, FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 will automatically progress through the checklist if you select the Auto 1 mode, while you must manually progress through it if you select the Auto 2 mode.

As mentioned above, you must manually control the checklists at the gate. Before you start, you should start the crew briefing by hitting Ctrl-Space. The captain will instruct the cockpit crew of how to respond to failures during takeoff. The first checklist is the Pre-start checklist, and you start it by hitting Ctrl-Space once again. If you receive a negative response, you must correct the item, and then hit Ctrl- Space to recall the item once again. Once the Pre-start checklist is complete, you can advance through the Before push-back and Before start-up checklists in the same way. The rest of the checklists will be timed according to the parameters entered in the Select Aircraft Panel in FDC Live Cockpit! 2011, starting with the After start-up checklist, which will be started when the specified time interval has elapsed after you have started your engines.

Note! You can start the next checklist by hitting Ctrl-Spacebar and restart the last checklist by hitting Ctrl-Shift-Spacebar. When a checklist is played, it will not be be played again (even when the triggering condition is met).

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