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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Types of calls

The table below summarizes the various types of calls available, and gives some examples of various calls. In addition, the crew members who can make the calls are also mentioned .


Calls made in conjunction with checklists. Captain, Co-pilot, Engineer

Flap calls

Calls made when operating the flaps. Captain, Co-pilot, Engineer

Takeoff calls

Calls made during takeoff, such as V1, Rotate, and V2. Captain, Co-pilot, Engineer

Misc calls

Miscellaneous calls made during the flight, such as gear calls, altimeter calibration calls, etc. Captain, Co-pilot, Engineer

Crew Briefing

Message read at the start of the flight, before the checklists are read. Captain

Speed check

When the Pilot Flying (PF) makes flap calls the Pilot Not Flying (PNF) will sometimes say Speed Check to indicate that he has double-checked the PF’s call, and to confirm that setting the flaps will be within the safety margins for the aircraft. Co-pilot

Altitude Alert (1 to go) The Altitude Alert (One to go) is called by the PNF when the aircraft climbs (or descends) to within 1000 ft off the Autopilot setting. Co-pilot

A note on Altimeter calls

When the aircraft passes the transition altitude of an airport (either descending or climbing), the barometer settings of the altimeter should be changed. In some cases, this will occur while the climb or descent checklists are run, in which case the Altimeter call will be made in the checklist. Otherwise, the call will be skipped in the checklist, and instead played when you actually pass the transition altitude.

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