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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011


Marcus Borg — Program graphics design and development.

Ray Epps — QuickStart Flight development, performance and checklist development for the DC3 and Fokker 50, and never ending help, advice and support. Ray spent many long hours collating data we never got to use. Maybe next time?

Peter Gellion — Proof-reading all documentation and context-sensitive help texts.

Scott Hayden — Originator of the idea to implement the checklist functionality in FDC’s predecessor, S-Combo. Recorded and supplied many of the included airport ambience sounds. Recorded the sample flightdeck announcement files and provided a host of great ideas.

Jim Hickman — Provided a lot of input with regard to FDC’s ATC Chatter feature and did some vigorous testing of it as well.

Jon-Inge Paulsen — User guide and QuickStart Flight documentation.

Paul Riley — QuickStart Flight development, performance file and checklist development for the King Air 350 and Baron 58, and never ending general help, advice and support.

Flight deck voice authors

Dave March (voice set #1), Luciano Munha (voice set #2), Bruce Ullyot (voice set #3), Joe Stringer (voice set #4), Ralph Andrews (voice set #5), Rodger Podlogar (voice set #6), Marc van de Wetering (voice set #7), Scott Hayden (voice set #8), Dwight Ellis (voice set #9), Hella van de Wetering (voice set #10), Rick Schaefer (voice set #11), Hetty Veldman (voice set #12), Bill Russel (voice set #13), Hani Choucrallah (voice set #14), Ed Green (voice set #15).

Cabin announcement voice authors

Hazel March (UK cabin announcements), Karen Hickman (US cabin announce- ments), Sandra Virtuani (Spanish cabin announcements).

Beta testers

Ralph Andrews, Jose Manuel Barruezo, Hani Choucrallah, Keith Cocker, Dwight Ellis, Ray Epps, Mark Gabuzda, Peter Gellion, Scott Hayden, Jim Hickman, Steve Jones, Jon-Inge Paulsen, John Penkethman, Frank Pezzo, Robert Pomerleau, Mark Poore, Eugenio Remus, Paul Riley, Rick Schaefer, Dan Skorynko, Fred Solli, Joe Stringer, Marc van de Wetering

All of whom not only gave their time testing the product, but where also very keen to suggest ways in which to improve and enhance FDC’s functionality.

Thanks also to...

Kirby Angell (SimVoice) — Kirby provided me with registration facilities to allow all my voice authors to use his great program SimVoice when recording the FDC voice sets.

Mike Clark (TecPilot) — for obtaining permission from OneMileUp to include a selection of their aircraft images in FDC. TecPilot’s web site is www.tecpilot.com.

Aerosoft GmbH 2010


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