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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Flightdeck call settings

Some of the flightdeck calls have individual settings. These are:

Call setting Climb thrust


You can specify the altitude at which the captain will make the Climb thrust call.

Prepare for takeoff You can specify when the co-pilot will make the Prepare for takeoff call. Your options are Auto, hotkey, After takeoff checks, and Before takeoff checks.

IAS Active

You can specify the speed (in knots) at which the co-pilot will make the IAS Active call (IAS = Indicated Air Speed).

Note! The Takeoff Flight Phase is activated when the co-pilot makes the Prepare for takeoff call. Using the hotkey to make the call therefore constitutes a way of „jump starting“ the Takeoff flight phase, should you so wish.

Procedural variations for flap calls

There are slight variations in how different airlines perform certain functions. For example, while the crews of some airlines flying the Boeing 747-200 do not call for Flaps 5 during takeoff or landing, other airline’s procedures require their crew to do so. Also, some- times a Flaps 10 call from a captain will receive a Flaps 10 confirmati- on from the first officer. In other procedures, the first officer will confirm Flap 10 selected, and once the flap movement is complete, he will call Flap 10 set. FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 acknowledges this difference, and allows you to select the procedure variation you prefer.

Note! The panel you use for your aircraft must support the flap settings defined for the selected aircraft in FDC Live Cockpit! 2011.

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