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(if you have selected the Auto start-up option).

Prepare for gate departure

The announcement is played immediately after you have released the parking brake.

Safety briefing

The safety briefing is played a given time delay after you have started to taxi towards the runway holding position (time delay entered in seconds on the Cabin Info panel).


The announcement is played a given time delay after your aircraft has left the ground. The time delay is entered in minutes on the Cabin Info panel. In addition, FDC Live Cockpit! must be in the Cruise flight phase (read more about flight phases).

Descent (Final compliance)

The announcement is played

when FDC Live Cockpit has determined that your aircraft has started its descent towards your destination airport (read more about flight phases).

Taxi to terminal

The final announcement is played approximately 30 seconds after the speed of your aircraft has dropped below 25 knots.

About user messages

While the cabin announcements made by the cabin crew are prerecorded in FDC Live Cockpit! 2011, the user files messages offer you the chance to add your own, personal information to your virtual passengers. The triggering of the user files are based on other events, so when these conditions are met, the user messages are played automatically. You can include up to twelve different user messages.

Note! While the user files are played automatically, FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 also offers you the capability of adding up to 99 flightdeck announcements that can be played randomly during your flight.


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