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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Landing Calls

The GPWS will call your altitude as you descend to land. The calls start at 2500 ft above the ground, provided FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 is in the Approach phase. If you’re flying an aircraft with a three-man crew, the engineer will make these calls rather than the GPWS (which in a real aircraft are automated, pre-recorded calls).

In addition, the GPWS will alert you when you have reached the Decision Height by making the Minimums call. The decision height is the latest point at which you can perform a missed approach; when passing this height, you will have to land no matter what!

When you are intercepting an ILS localizer beam, the GPWS will make this call as the localizer (ILS tuned on VOR1) starts moving. The call is only made when FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 is in the Approach or Finals phase, and when your altitude is below the specified altitude on the GPWS panel.

Miscellaneous Calls

These calls are the Bank Angle and the Low Terrain Warning calls. The Bank Angle call is made when your bank angle exceeds the angle entered in the Bank Angle box.

The Low Terrain Warning message warns you when the altitude measured by the radio altimeter drops below the altitude entered in the Low Terrain Warning box below. The radio altimeter will always measure the distance between the belly of the aircraft and the terrain below. The warning will only occur, however, when the aircraft’s gear is in the up position.

If you set either of the two parameters above to zero, the calls are effectively turned off. Alternatively, you can disable both of the calls by deselecting the Misc Calls option.

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