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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Opening the Checklist Editor in FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

  • In the FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 main window, click Options.

  • In the Main Options panel, click Checklist Editor.

The Selections panel

When you set out to create a new set of checklists for an aircraft, you can either start with a blank set of checklists, edit a previously created set of checklists, or you can use one of the default checklists as checklist templates. To edit a previously created checklist set, click Edit and select the checklist set to edit. To base your checklist set on a template, click Templates and select the checklist set to use as a template.

Note! You can easily clear all the selections you have made by selecting the top entry of the Checklist Section drop down box. The entry is named Clear ALL Sections. You will be warned before FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 clears all the selections, to prevent you from accidentally resetting your work!

To select calls for your checklist, follow the procedure below.

  • Select the checklist you want to edit in the drop down box.

Options are Pre-start, Before Pushback, Before Start, After Start, Taxi, Before Takeoff, After Takeoff, Climb, Descent, Approach, After Landing, and finally Parking checks. As the selection of the drop down box changes, the calls you can select will change in the list below.

  • Select the calls you wish to be made by selecting their options

in the list. Note that if you select one or more calls in the list, the main calls (at the top and bottom marked with >>> and <<<) are selected automatically. This indicates that the checklist is activa- ted, and that the opening call (such as „Pre-start Checklist“) and finishing call (such as „Pre-start Checklist Complete“) will be made. You should also note that the list contains calls for both jet and turbo-prop aircraft, so be careful to select calls that are supported by your aircraft!

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