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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

according to who is actually holding the yoke. PNF means Pilot Not Flying, and will in FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 identify the First Officer (Co-pilot) of the crew. ENG means Engineer, and identifies the engineer of a three-member crew.

To alter the members responsible for calls, and alter replies:

  • Locate the row for the call that you wish to alter in the list.

  • The list contains five columns; Checklist Call, Int, Who, Reply, and

Who. To alter the person reading the checklist call, double-click the first Who column, and select the crew member in the drop-down list. Note! The Int column indicates whether the checklist item is interactive or not (see below).

  • The Reply column contains the reply that is supposed to be

given to checklist call. To change it, double-click it and select the reply you wish from the drop-down list.

  • The last Who column shows the crew member making the reply

call. To alter the member replying, double-click the entry, and select the crew member in the drop-down list.

  • Repeat the steps above for all the checklist calls that you wish

to change.

Interactive checklist calls

The second column in the Voice Selection panel indicates whether the checklist call is interactive or not. If an Y(es) appears, the call is interactive. The checklist item will be checked in Flight Simulator for the correct setting. If the setting is wrong, a negative response is given. In this case you must correct the item, and resume the checklist by hitting Ctrl-Space on your keyboard.

You can turn off all checklist interactivity by turning off the Interactive Checklist Master Switch on the Select Aircraft options panel.

Note! If you change the reply for an interactive checklist call, this single call will not be checked in Flight Simulator anymore. However, this doesn’t affect the other interactive calls in your checklist.

Note! The interactive checklist feature is not available in Flight Simulator 98! All calls will be audible, but their settings will not be checked.

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