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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Opening the Performance Editor

  • In the FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 Main window, click Options.

  • In the Main Options panel, click Performance Editor.

  • Select whether you wish to Add a file, Edit a file, or Delete a

file. You will be prompted to identify the file you require.

  • If you select to Add a file, you will be asked whether you want

to start with a blank file, or whether you want to use a template.

Specifying your aircraft’s type and configuration

Note! Once you have moved on to the next panel, you will have to exit the Performance Editor to make changes to the settings on this panel!

The first panel in the Performance Editor (PE) allows you to select the flap settings to use for your aircraft. Make sure that your flap settings are done correctly, as you will not be able to go back and edit them later without closing the PE first! If your aircraft supports other flap settings than the ones listed, you should select the flap settings that are closest.

Note! Make sure that the number of flap settings corresponds to the number of flap settings supported by your aircraft and its panel. If the number of settings differ, FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 will malfunc- tion!

This screen also allows you to select the flap setting that is normally used at takeoff. You should also select the type of aircraft you are adding. Valid aircraft types are GA (General Aircraft, such as Cessnas, Beechcraft Baron58, etc.) and non-GA (airliners and other aircraft, such as 737, A320, etc.). Finally, you should specify whether your aircraft has retractable gear or not.

Note! Make sure that the gear option is set correctly. Since FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 will detect the position of the gear and there is no way for you to raise a fixed gear, you will not be able to correct a negative response as a result of a Gear Up call.

Once you’re finished, click Continue to move to the next page in the editor.

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