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Creating a performance file for the Boeing 737-400 (part I)

To create a performance file for the default Boeing 737-400 of Flight Simulator, follow the steps outlined below. This procedure can then be applied to your favourite aircraft, provided you have access to the data required by the PE.

  • Click Options in the main window of FDC Live Cockpit! 2011,

and then click Performance Editor.

  • Click Add File on the first panel of the PE. This will add a new

performance file to FDC Live Cockpit! 2011.

  • Since we will start entering data for the Boeing 737-400 from

scratch, click Blank Template in the second panel. Note! If you wish to view the data rather than adding them yourself, you can click Use Sample Data, and then select the Boeing 737-400 in the dialog box.

  • Select the following flap settings for the aircraft at the top of the

panel: Flap 1, Flap 2, Flap 10, Flap 15, Flap 25, Flap 30, Flap 40

Note that the number of flap settings corresponds to the number of flap positions available in Flight Simulator.

  • Since the normal flap setting for the 737 during takeoff is Flap

5,, select Flap 5 under Normal takeoff Flap setting.

  • The 737-400 is an airliner (not categorized as a General Aircraft),

and you should therefore, select non-GA under Aircraft Type.

  • Select Retractable under Gear Type, as the 737-400 features

retractable gear.

  • Click Continue to go to the next panel of the Performance Editor.


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