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FDC Live Cockpit! 2011

Specifying takeoff data for your aircraft

You will find that the third panel of the Performance Editor has three different sections. The takeoff data of your aircraft is available when you click Takeoff at the top of the panel. The other two sections are Cruise and Landing data. In addition to these three sections, you can also enter a name for the aircraft as well as specifying its crew size.

Title and crew

At the top of the Editor area you can enter the title of the perfor- mance file. This is the title that will appear in the Select Aircraft panel. The title can differ from the file name, so use the title to properly identify your aircraft!

Also on the top of the Editor area, you can enter the number of crew members of your aircraft. Valid values are 2 or 3, although you can enter any number you wish (higher numbers are treated as 3). If your cockpit crew includes an engineer, enter 3 in the box. Otherwise, enter 2.

Takeoff speed data

The Takeoff Data panel allows you to enter or adjust the takeoff data elements for your aircraft. The top section contains a table summari- zing the takeoff speed data. The table below describes the various columns in this table.

You can add, insert, or delete rows in the table. To add a row at the bottom, click Add. To insert a row below the selected row (shown with bold numbers), click Ins. To delete the selected row, click Del, and click Yes to confirm the operation. If no rows are selected, the bottom row will be deleted.

Weight: The weight of the aircraft

The weight of the aircraft in 1000lbs. FDC Live Cockpit! 2011 retrieves the weight of the aircraft in Flight Simulator, and uses this weight to decide which speed data row to use. A given row is used for all weights between the row’s own weight value and up to the weight

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