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The Gear Down call

Immediately below the table, you can select at which flap position you would like to hear the Gear call by selecting the option beneath the corresponding column. Alternatively, you can enter an altitude at which to make the call. Setting the ‘Gear Down’ Altitude to ‘0’ makes the Gear Down call occur with the selected flap call. Setting the altitude (different from ‘0’) makes the Gear Down call occur as you descend below that altitude.

Flap position radio buttons Trigger ‘Gear Down’ call with selected flap call

Select the option corresponding to the flap call with which you wish to make the Gear Down call during approach. Although this option must always be set, you can override it by entering a value in the Altitude box. — Yes (one option is always selected)

Gear Down’ Altitude - The altitude at which to make the Gear Down call

If the value is ‘0’ the Gear Down call occurs with the selected flap option. If you wish to make the Gear Down call occur at a given altitude rather than following a given flap setting, you can enter the altitude in this box.

Altitude in feet Required:No

Let’s take the Boeing 737 as an example. Normally, the Gear Down call is made when the Flap 25 call is made. This is achieved by entering ‘0’ in the ‘Gear Down’ Altitude box, and select the option beneath the F25 column. If you would rather hear the call when you pass 2500 ft during your descent, simply enter ‘2500’ in the ‘Gear Down’ Altitude box.

Flap calls

Just like the Gear Down call, flap calls can be triggered in two ways. They can either be based on airspeed (IAS), and will in that case use the data entered in the table above. Alternatively, the call can be made based on the altitude of your aircraft. In the lower section of


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