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  • If the aircraft can be rebuilt as an amateur-built aircraft.

For complete information on the Owner Maintenance category in Canada, including which aircraft are eligible, please refer to the COPA Guide to the Owner Maintenance Category. It is available for free to COPA members on the COPA website.

There are amateur-built aircraft flying in Canada that have been constructed from certified parts in whole or in part. The builder will have to construct or supervise the construction of the major portion of the aircraft (51% minimum) for the aircraft to qualify as an amateur-built.

For more information on how this might apply to a specific aircraft project and situation have a look at the COPA Guide to Amateur-Builts or contact the agency responsible for inspecting amateur-builts in Canada, MD-RA for more information.


Like everything in aviation there is a requirement for paperwork for certified aircraft. In fact certified aircraft require more paperwork and documentation than any other category of aircraft to maintain their certified status.

In buying and registering a certified aircraft here is a list of some of the paperwork to expect to account for:

  • Journey logbook

  • Technical record

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Certificate of Airworthiness

  • Weight and Balance Report

  • Flight Manual or Pilots Operating Handbook (POH)

Journey Logbook Requirements

The requirements to be entered in the Journey Logbook are spelled out in CAR


One of the most often missed items is the requirement for private aircraft owners to “enter the date, air time, operating cycle or landing at which the next scheduled maintenance action is required” in their Journey Logbook. This rule is spelled out in Schedule I paragraph 5b to CAR 605.94(1). The main intention is to alert the owner and AMEs that the items noted need attention in the future.

Having a separate maintenance schedule is a great idea, but you still need to comply with the CAR requirements and enter your “next due” dates in your Journey

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