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Many ADs will specify a time by which the procedure must be done (“within the next 25 hrs of air time”), while others may say “before next flight”, if the matter is deemed potentially more serious.

Non-recurring ADs are “once-only” actions that have to be carried out.

It is required to record the action taken on ADs in the Technical Record. Even if a particular AD is applicable to your aircraft type, but not applicable to your particular serial number it is a good practice to record that in the Technical Record. It may make future questions about the AD easier to answer, particularly if you sell the aircraft.

As described in CAR 605.84 the owner of the aircraft is responsible for ensuring that the ADs are all complied with before the aircraft is flown, not the AME who works on the aircraft. In most cases it is an AME who carries out the AD and signs it off in the Tech Record, but the owner must ensure that the applicable ADs are done.

In the past, getting lists of ADs that apply to your aircraft was a difficult task, but today, thanks to the Internet, it is a relatively easy job. TC has an interactive database of ADs located on the TC CAWIS website. All an aircraft owner need do is enter the aircraft’s registration and the list of possible ADs will be produced. The one limitation with this TC AD search system is that it will return all ADs that are applicable for that aircraft type – it does not differentiate between those that are applicable to your aircraft’s serial number and those which are not. You still have to read each one for applicability to your individual aircraft, but as long as you know your aircraft’s serial number that is a simple task.

The TC CAWIS system will only search for ADs that are applicable to your airframe, engine and propeller it does not search for ADs that may be applicable to anything else, such as carburetors, seat belts or any after-market STC installed equipment, such as auto-pilots, doors or fairings. Those items are contained in a separate Miscellaneous Equipment AD List. Because TC has no way of knowing which accessories are installed on your aircraft you have to check this list to see which ones are applicable. There are over 500 ADs on that list! Many are items like escape slides for Boeing 777s, but some are definitely equipment that could be found on small aircraft.

A good example is AD 96-12-22. This is a repetitive AD on Cessna Engine Oil Filter Adapters Assemblies. These are commonly installed on any brand of aircraft (not just Cessnas) equipped with a Teledyne Continental Motors aircraft engine, including O- 200, O-470, IO-470, TSIO-470, O-520, IO-520, TSIO-520, GTSIO-520, IO-550, TSIO- 550 powerplants. It requires an inspection with the first 100 hrs time-in-service and then every time the engine oil filter is removed. You won’t find this AD without checking the accessory list.

There is no easy solution to this list owners just need to check the Miscellaneous Equipment AD List to make sure no ADs are missed. The Miscellaneous

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