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(g) a power failure warning device or vacuum indicator that shows the power available to gyroscopic instruments from each power source;

(h) an alternative source of static pressure for the altimeter, airspeed indicator and vertical speed indicator;

(i) sufficient radiocommunication equipment to permit the pilot to conduct two-way communications on the appropriate frequency; and

(j) sufficient radio navigation equipment to permit the pilot, in the event of the failure at any stage of the flight of any item of that equipment, including any associated flight instrument display,

(i) to proceed to the destination aerodrome or proceed to another aerodrome that is suitable for landing, and

(ii) where the aircraft is operated in IMC, to complete an instrument approach and, if necessary, conduct a missed approach procedure.

Aerobatics for Certified Aircraft

Certified aircraft can perform aerobatic maneuvers if they are certified for the maneuvers you want to fly. Almost all certified aircraft are certified for some maneuvers in the normal category and others in the utility category. Usually the two categories are delineated by weights and C of G locations, or restrictions such as “no rear seat passengers”.

If you want to do certain maneuvers then ensure that you check the Pilot Operating Handbook before you buy to ensure that the aircraft can do those maneuvers it is that easy!

Maintaining Your Certified Aircraft

Maintaining a certified aircraft seems to be the area that causes most owners to panic, but it need not be that difficult. Most pilots don’t know a lot about aircraft construction and maintenance, but it is not hard to learn. There are excellent texts and also AMEs who know everything you need to know.

The more you learn about how your aircraft is built, how it works and what it needs to keep it flying well the more comfortable you will be with the plane and the more money you will save on maintenance!

COPA Guide to Certified Aircraft 23

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