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(3) The tasks listed in the maintenance schedule are described in general terms only, as the specific items applicable to particular aircraft will vary according to aircraft type.

(4) The method of inspection for each item on the maintenance schedule shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or standard industry practice.

Information Note:

The following is provided as a quick reference chart. The specific details are contained in: Section 625.86; the relevant paragraphs of this Appendix B; Appendix C; and Appendix D of these standards.

Maintenance Schedules - Quick Reference Chart

(5) The depth of inspection of each item on the schedule shall be determined by the person performing the inspection, and shall be consistent with the general condition and operating role of the aircraft.

(6) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), the schedule is considered to be approved for use by owners of small non-commercial operation aircraft and all balloons. Owners need only to make an entry in the aircraft technical records that the aircraft is maintained pursuant to the maintenance schedule.

(7) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), the maintenance schedule can be used as the basis for a commercial air operator's maintenance schedule. With the exception of a balloon inspection schedule, commercial air operator's maintenance schedules based on this document are subject to approval by the Minister in accordance with Appendix D. Schedules for aircraft operated in commercial air service (including balloons pursuant to CAR) shall include an inspection of the items listed in Part I or II of this appendix, as applicable, and the accomplishment of out of phase tasks and equipment maintenance requirements specified in Appendix C.

(8) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), where the aircraft utilization is sufficient to ensure that all items listed in Parts I or II of this appendix are performed within a 12 month period, an owner can request that inspections under this maintenance schedule be performed progressively. In this case, a revised maintenance schedule shall be submitted for the Minister's approval in accordance with the procedures outlined in subsection 625.86(2) of these standards.

(9) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), where a flight training unit operating aeroplanes and helicopters pursuant to CAR 406 chooses to use Part I of this appendix as a basis for inspections to be carried out at 100 hour intervals, it must be approved in accordance with the procedures outlined in Appendix D of these standards.

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