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(10) This maintenance schedule is not an inspection checklist. Prior to performing the inspections tabled herein, an appropriate checklist containing these requirements must be developed.

Information Notes:

(i) Many aircraft manufacturers produce detailed inspection checklists. In many cases the location of system components is clearly identified on those documents. In the interest of efficiency an owner may wish to use a manufacturers checklist in order to accomplish this inspection. Manufacturer's checklists may be used, provided they include at least the items listed in Part I or Part II of this appendix, as applicable. Where an owner has chosen to use a manufacturer's checklist, it should be clearly marked to indicate that the check is following the general maintenance schedule. In addition, any references in those checklists concerning compliance with Airworthiness Directives must be stricken out as not applicable, as it is the owner's responsibility to advise the AME of any outstanding Airworthiness Directives or airworthiness limitations.

(ii) Large aircraft comply with a detailed maintenance schedule as per Appendices C and D of these standards.

Part I - Scheduled Inspections for Small Aircraft other than Balloons

At intervals prescribed in the General Procedures to this appendix, inspect the aircraft as follows:

  • (1)

    Aircraft Generally

    • (a)

      Remove or open all necessary inspection plates, access doors, fairings and cowlings. Thoroughly clean the aircraft and engine.

(b) Inspect panel, door and cowling closing and locking mechanisms for improper installation and function.

    • (c)

      Lubricate in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • (2)

    Fuselage and Hull Group

    • (a)

      Structure - inspect for deterioration, distortion, evidence of failure and defective or

insecure attachment of fittings.

    • (b)

      Systems and components - inspect for improper installation, apparent defects and unsatisfactory operation.

  • (3)

    Cabin and Cockpit Group

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