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(2) Where the check list used differs from the manufacturer's recommended check list, the list shall be approved by the Minister.

(3) Where the balloon is a foreign registered balloon operating in accordance with an authorization issued by the Minister pursuant to CAR 603, it shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with a program which complies with the requirements of this appendix.

“Out of Phase” Maintenance Items

As mentioned the Maintenance Schedule information in CAR 625 Appendix B is supplemented by the information in CAR 625 Appendix C. Appendix C contains all the items that are “out of phase” with the annual inspection. In other words they may need taking care of at other times of the year. The two appendices together make a complete checklist for most things you need to remember in maintaining your aircraft.

As mentioned, Appendix C contains the “out of phase items” and bears a more detailed description here. Here are some of the important highlights that affect small certified aircraft:

  • Rotorcraft Dynamic Components - At the intervals recommended by the aircraft manufacturer, inspect, overhaul or test:

    • the drive shafts or similar systems

    • the main rotor transmission gearboxes

    • the main rotors and hubs

    • the tail rotor.

  • Variable Pitch Propellers - Where the manufacturer has made recommendations regarding the air time between overhauls, overhaul at the interval recommended or every ten years, whichever comes first;

    • Where the manufacturer has not made any recommendations regarding TBO, the propeller(s) shall be overhauled at the following intervals:

  • in the case of propellers installed on turbine engines: 2,000 hours air time or ten years, whichever comes first

  • in the case of double acting propellers installed on piston engines: 2,000 hours air time or ten years, whichever comes first, or

COPA Guide to Certified Aircraft 38

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