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  • Your aircraft’s Maintenance Manual this is the book that tells you how to take apart, fix and put back together everything about the aircraft. It may also include repair schemes for complex repair work. This is all very useful information for an owner to have. As with the Parts Manual this book should also be available from the manufacturer, the parts supplier (if the manufacturer isn’t around anymore) or the aircraft type club if there is one for the aircraft type.

  • A complete list of Airworthiness Directives for your aircraft these can be obtained at no cost from TC’s website at http://wwwapps3.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec- Sur/2/cawis-swimn/awd-lv-cs1401.asp

  • A complete list of STCs approved for your aircraft type can be found on the FAA

website if the aircraft has a US type certificate.

Licences to Fly Certified Aircraft

All certified aircraft require a pilot licence and a valid medical certificate to fly in Canada. This means that to fly a:

  • Certified airplane you need an airplane licence:

    • Private Pilot Licence Aeroplanes

    • Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplanes

    • Airline Transport Pilot Licence Aeroplanes

    • If the aircraft is single-engined, has four or fewer seats and is non-high performance then it can be flown with a Pilot Permit Recreational Aeroplanes, provided that only one passenger is carried.

    • If the certified aircraft is 1200 lbs or less and has a stall speed (VSO) of 39 knots of less then the minimum licence is a Pilot Permit - Ultralight Aeroplanes (although this licence does not allow the carriage of passengers)

    • Note all aeroplanes that are considered “high performance” require a type rating to fly. See “Type ratings” below.

  • Certified helicopter you will need a helicopter licence:

    • Private Pilot Licence Helicopters

    • Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopters

    • Airline Transport Pilot Licence Helicopters

  • Certified glider you will need a:

  • Pilot Licence Gliders

  • Certified powered glider you will need a: COPA Guide to Certified Aircraft


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