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  • COPA Flights the local chapters of COPA usually include many certified aircraft owners along with amateur-builders and ultralighters. The COPA website lists well over 190 local COPA Flights right across Canada.

  • Local Flying Clubs - are also a great source of help and may get you access to airports, hangarage or tie-down space and fuel. You can usually find them at your local airport or through local flying schools. Many local flying clubs are also COPA Flights which makes them easy to find!

Aircraft Type Clubs

Aircraft type clubs can provide a wealth of information on specific aircraft types and variants. There are literally hundreds of these clubs around the world providing services to many, if not most, aircraft types that have been produced in any significant numbers.

Type clubs vary a lot in the services they offer and how they work. Some are simply volunteer clubs run by one enthusiast, using a free web service to provide a website. These often have minimal publications or services. On the other end of the scale some of the largest types clubs have a fulltime staff and offer a full range of services.

Here are services that some type clubs offer:

  • A magazine to pass type-related information, news and events

  • A website, often with type-specific buyers checklists

  • Technical question support from aircraft type experts

  • Buyers guides

  • Conventions and fly-ins

  • Information on ADs that apply

  • Information on STCs available

  • Type specific classified ads (often on-line)

  • Background and aircraft type historical information

  • Maintenance tips publications

  • Operating tips information

  • Maintenance and aircraft systems courses

  • Aircraft type conversion training programs

  • Type specific insurance (often available in the USA only!)

  • Formation flying training

  • Scholarships

  • Many other possible services

In some cases, with highly popular aircraft designs you may find that there are competing type clubs that both offer services for the same aircraft type or types. In those cases you have the choice of clubs, or you can join them all!

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