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COPA supports aircraft type clubs they serve a great need in the aviation world, providing type-specific technical information and support that is not provided by anyone else. Consider joining and supporting the club for the type of aircraft that you buy most of them are well worthwhile.

COPA has listed all the aircraft type clubs that we are aware of on the COPA Website. We welcome submissions of clubs that are not on the current COPA list. Send your club contact info to benefits@copanational.org.

What if you check and discover that there is no type club for your aircraft type? Well then, consider starting one. With free web services on which to post a website it can be done for no cost. If nothing else you will meet many more fans of the aircraft type you own!

Canadian Certified Aircraft In the USA

Some aircraft categories have restrictions on flying them in other countries. For instance Canadian amateur builts and ultralights need to print, sign and carry with them a blanket authority from the FAA to fly in the USA, while Canadian Owner Maintenance aircraft are banned from flying in US airspace!

With a certified aircraft it is much easier to fly in other countries. Because certified aircraft have a standard Certificate of Airworthiness that complies with ICAO requirements, they are allowed into all countries without special permission. That means that you just have to comply with normal arrival requirements, like clearing Customs and Immigration, but you don’t need special permission to fly the aircraft in other countries. Certification to international standards does have its benefits!

Some Factors Currently Affecting Aircraft Values

Since 2002 there has been a lot of confusion about the rapid changes that have occurred in aircraft values. Commonly asked by buyers, “Why are used aircraft prices so much lower in the USA than in Canada?” Asked by sellers “Why isn’t my aircraft selling?” and from everyone “How is the high Canadian dollar affecting aircraft prices?”

The answers are relatively clear. Some people selling aircraft haven’t noticed that the Canadian dollar is at record highs for recent years against the US dollar. Because there is one unified market in aircraft in North America and it is easy to import and export aircraft that means that that all aircraft are valued in US dollars. When the Canadian dollar goes up in value, airplanes get cheaper. This is good news for people buying aircraft and bad news for those selling.

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