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  • There are no problems flying to other countries as certified aircraft meet ICAO standards and can be flown anywhere without special permission.

  • Certified aircraft can be bought and sold across international borders without much trouble they are accepted in all countries.

  • Certified aircraft are generally easy to sell and don’t attract much risk of liability for the seller compared to amateur-built aircraft. Despite the recent popularity of non-certified aircraft in recent years, certified

light aircraft still greatly outnumber non-certified aircraft in Canada. In October 2006 there were 24,284 private aircraft registered in Canada, of which 14,725 (61%) were certified aircraft. In January 2014 there were 28,844 private aircraft registered in Canada, of which 16,293 (56.5%) were certified aircraft.

These privately registered, certified aircraft included:

  • 14,527 airplanes

  • 581 gliders

  • 718 helicopters

  • 481 balloons

It can quickly be seen that certified aircraft are the dominant force in aviation in Canada and will be for some time yet, even as non-certified types slowly increase in numbers. As a flying and ownership experience certified aircraft have a lot to offer a tried and true product.

Scope Of This Guide

This COPA Guide is designed to give you the background information that you will need to get involved in owning, maintaining and flying certified aircraft, whether you are buying a new or used aircraft. This COPA Guide will cover some of the pitfalls, regulations and choices available. It is designed to get you started!

This COPA Guide is not designed to tell you everything you need to know to own, maintain and fly an aircraft. That would be a huge subject and it is best covered in various specialized (and much thicker) books than this!

Suggestions for improvements to this COPA Guide are welcome! COPA updates and rewrites its COPA Guides on a regular basis to keep them up to date and relevant. Send your suggestions for improvements to benefits@copanational.org.

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