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Introduce the eight key vocabulary words for Chapter 1, Section 1 by using the “Knowledge Rating Chart” from the Reading Toolkit transparency 3.2. Directions for using this “Before Reading Strategy” are in the Reading Toolkit. Directions are attached to help teachers that may not have their toolkit yet. Take your time this first time to model how to use this tool to help students become aware of key vocabulary. You will not want to use this particular graphic organizer for every chapter, but it is an excellent tool and good modeling will make it a very effective tool when students are learning key terms and concepts.

Teacher Notes:

Using the “Knowledge Rating Chart” helps a teacher determine how well students know key words in a chapter or section. Through discussion, students share what they already know and don’t know about these terms.


Now that you have completed the vocabulary discussion, students should read pages 5-9 silently. Provide them with a copy of the Reading Study Guide for Section 1 pages (5-9) to guide them through this material the first time. Use the study guides as needed depending on the class and the material. *Reading Study Guide is located on the Easy Planner disks. A retyped copy is provided to give teacher time to learn to use the Easy Planner disks.

Wrap up:

Review the correct answers to the Reading Study Guide. Have students correct their responses as needed. Discuss the correct way to leave the room and remind students about the homework assignment for tonight.


Review the Reading Study Guide and vocabulary

Global Studies – Day 3

Bell Work:

Review bell work and have volunteers share examples. Have students add at least three words to their list that they did not have.



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    Vocabulary for Chapter 1, Section 1

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    Discussion and notes

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    Reading Study Guide pages 5 - 9

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    Wrap up

Review Reading Study Guide and vocabulary

Bell work:


The prefix “re” means________________ what they mean. Ex. Redo – to do over The prefix “un” means _______________ what they mean.

. List 3 words that have this prefix and

. List 3 words that have this prefix and

1. 3. 4.

Explain the five themes of geography. SS.B.1.4.2

Describe basic geographic tools.


Determine the absolute and relative location of people, places and things. SS.B.1.1.1

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


Global Studies

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