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Knowledge Rating: Skill Previewing Vocabulary A Before Reading Strategy

(This is a retype of material from the Reading Toolkit)

What is it?

Knowledge Rating graphic helps a teacher determine how well students know key words in a unit of study.

How to Teach it

  • 1.

    Choose six to eight key words from a section of text that will be covered in class. Choose terms about the big ideas such as “economy” or “imperialism,” or major events or people. You may also choose two to three important terms students have already learned that relate to the new section. This provides important review and reteaching.

  • 2.

    Write the words on the blank Knowledge Rating graphic (Transparency 3.2). Then copy the transparency with words you chose and distribute the pages to students. Display the transparency. (To save paper, students can copy the organizer on their own paper.)

  • 3.

    Read the list aloud, one word at a time. Ask students to put an X in the appropriate box on their paper showing whether they know it well, have heard or seen it but are unsure of its meaning, or don’t know it at all.

  • 4.

    Divide the class into mixed-ability pairs. Call out the words again, giving students one minute to share with each other their responses on their charts and what they know about the terms.

  • 5.

    Call on pairs to offer definitions of words they think they know. When the class has settled on an adequate definition, write it on the transparency in the “definition” section. Have students copy it on their papers. If no students know the meaning of a particular term, direct them to search for the definition as they read the text. You may want to show the students Transparency 3.1 as a model.

  • 6.

    As student read the chapter, have them compare their definitions with the way the word is used in the text.

7. Be sure to include these vocabulary terms when you test students on their comprehension of the material.

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