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Bell Work:

Review bell work and call on 3-5 people to read their paragraph. Take a few minutes to walk the aisles glancing at the paragraphs of students to ensure that everyone is using the correct format and is participating. Some teachers like to place a check on the page to indicate that they have done a spot check. This will help when you are checking notebooks.


Introduce vocabulary by pronouncing the words orally from a transparency. Students should be familiar with map, globe, and cartographer. Map projection, Landsat, GIS and topographic map may be unfamiliar. These words should be included on the “T Notes” worksheet to accompany the reading.


Most students do not take the time to look at infographics that are in their textbooks. This is part of an important skill tested on FCAT that can be effectively addressed in Social Studies. Have the students look carefully at the globe on page 10 to see the differences in an early globe and ones we use today. Continue with the graphic on page 11 on “How Satellites Gather Map Data” You may want to show students how to create a flowchart of this information. (An example of a flowchart can be found at the bottom of pg. 11 in T.E.) Continue in this fashion with the graphics on page 12 and 13. See T.E. for guidance as needed.


Introduce “T Notes” to accompany the reading of pages 10 – 13. In the “T-Notes” style format the left side of the “T” has a term or a question for students to answer and on the right side of the “T” the student will respond to the questions/terms on the left. See attached example for this section. (Section assessment questions in textbook are a good source of possible questions/terms.)

Global Studies – Day 4



  • 1.

    Vocabulary, Chapter 1, Section 2

  • 2.

    Discussion and Notes - Important information in graphics

  • 3.

    Read pages 10-13 T- Notes

  • 4.

    Wrap Up

Review for short quiz tomorrow by reading over notes and worksheets.

Bell work:

Look at the map of Florida on page A43 of your textbook. Using each of the following terms correctly, describe the location of Orlando in a paragraph. Underline each of the terms that you use. Terms: absolute location, latitude, longitude, continent and hemisphere.


Compare the advantages and disadvantages of maps and globes. SS.B.1.4.1 Describe how geographers use satellites and other tools. SS.B.1.4.1



OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


Global Studies

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